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Great Clips – at the present day, each one of us wants to be presentable. We tend to dedicate substantial time for personal grooming. Fortunately, we get the services of skilled professionals to help us in this aspect. Our hairstyle or haircut can make a lasting impression on the person we meet for the first time.  So, for the all the right reasons, you should look to groom your hair at a place where you can expect nothing but the best. Residents of US and Canada can consider themselves lucky as the hair salon Great Clips operate in these countries.

An overview of Great Clips

The name Great Clips does not need any introduction for the residents of USA and Canada. Great Clips is a hair salon franchise. You may think what the big deal is, as many hair salons have their franchises at different places. But, you will seldom come across a salon which has more than 4,100 franchises across the USA and Canada. The slogan of Great Clips “It’s Gonna Be Great” is justified. Great Clips started their operations with a single salon. The salon made an exponential growth in a short period. The USP of Great Clips is the benefits and convenience it provides for the customers. The Great Clips salon offers various services like haircuts and perms for everyone. Generally, the licensed hair stylists render their services at the Great Clips salon. The facilities are affordable; the staff is hospitable and has a great deal of experience. Great Clips, unlike other salons, has innovated several steps which have taken them miles ahead of their competitors.

Buying a Great Clips Franchise

As we have mentioned before, Great Clips has already established its franchises in more than 4,000 locations, and yet they are not finished. Anyone who has a knack for business and ready to invest, can buy a Great Clips franchise. As a franchise owner you can manage up to three units, but if you want you can also purchase additional franchises. Read on to know more about acquiring a Great Clips franchise.

  • Application: If you are eager to buy a franchise, you can visit the official website of Great Clips. Here, you will get the application form. The form will require you to fill in several details that include your personal information and your financial information. Additionally, you will also have to mention about your previous business experience and the preferable area where you are looking to set up the franchise.
  • The investment: You have to be ready with at least $50,000 cash and a personal net worth of $300,000. The rate of investment can differ depending on the country you are looking to invest in. As the owner of the franchise, you will receive 6% royalty fees. The initial franchise agreement with Great Clips is generally for ten years. After the aforesaid period, you have to renew the deal.
  • Getting information for buying a franchise: You can get all the relevant details about the ways you can proceed to own a franchise from the official website of Great Clips. It is almost inevitable that once you become a Great Clips franchise owner you will be able to grow consistently and will rarely incur losses.
  • Preferable franchise locations: You can preferably start a franchise in North America. Great Clips is always looking for further expansions, and they will intimate you about the information of new markets as soon as they become functional.
  • Concrete plan: You need to work on a solid plan for developing your franchise. Great Clips always looks for leaders who can take the business and their goodwill to newer heights. In the meantime, you have to recruit skilful employees to ensure smooth operations of your business.

Advantages of becoming a Great Clips Franchise

  • Great Clips has now become a trusted brand. No matter what, people are always going to turn up to the outlets of Great Clips for haircuts. Moreover, hairstyles are indispensable. So, your franchise will be buzzing with customers.
  • As already mentioned above, the name Great Clips says it all. When you open a franchise, you are bound to get repeat customers.
  • Great Clips will do all that is needed to decorate the store. So you do not have to worry about the ways to make arrangements for setting up the salon.
  • Lastly, you will feel proud being associated with an organisation that has more than a billion-dollar turnover and a secure network of more than 4000 salons in the entire US and Canada.

Innovations of Great Clips

  • Great Clips Online Check-In: Great Clips believes in making life more comfortable for the customers. In the year 2011, the introduction of the Online Check-In facility came into existence. The facility is in the form of a mobile application and has been widely appreciated by the customers. The application is available for download for all the leading mobile operating systems. More than 3 million people have downloaded this app so far. Now, the potential customers can know in advance the period they need to wait, by using the great clips check-in facility. They can also add their names to the waitlist. Additionally, you have the option of viewing the great clips near me to locate your preferable Great Clips salon.
  • Great Clips Coupons: Frequently, the Great Clips shops offer coupons for the customers. The customers can use them for haircuts or hair accessories like hair clippers. Updating yourself with the great clips coupon deals is easy. Information related to these coupons is readily available at various online resources.
  • Great Clips haircuts and other services: You should not have to wait for too long when you are checking in to any of the branches of the Great Clips salon. As already mentioned, the salon has simplified the procedure by introducing the online check-in facility. Great Clips offers various services. The great clips prices will depend on the location where you are going to avail yourself of the service. For this, you can use the great clips near me facility to know more. All Great Clips franchises offer services like haircut for men, women and children, shampoo, customised hair styling, bang, neck beard trim perm and conditioning treatment. However, customers should make a note that not every Great Clips salon offers the perm services. If they are willing to avail themselves of this particular service, they should check it in advance.

Great Clips News Room

Now, never miss out on the activities of Great Clips. You can find the “News Room” section in the official website. Here, you will get all the information on the recent developments of Great Clips.

Careers at Great Clips

We are sure that after reading this, you have got a fair idea of the magnitude of business Great Clips salons are doing at present. So, a great career is also waiting for you here. You can know more about the various opportunities in store when you visit the official website of Great Clips. When you click on the “Explore Salon Careers”, a map will open. The map highlights all the regions where Great Clips is currently offering its services. You can select the preferable area and below you will find information on the various job positions available. You can apply for the job from the map itself. The dynamism you see here is innovation and interaction at its best.

Great Clips Business Hours

You can contact Great Clips to inquire about their time of operations. The timings can vary depending on the locations. Generally, most of the Great Clips salons are functional during the weekdays from 8AM-9PM.  Great Clips salons also operate during the weekends. The typical timings are from 8AM-6PM on Saturdays and 10AM-5PM on Sundays.

The salons will either remain closed on holidays or make some adjustments during the special occasions. As we have mentioned before, if you are planning a visit to one of the Great Clips branches, you should get in touch with their representatives at first. Usually, the Great Clips salon observes holidays on the New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and also on the New Year’s Eve. In case for the sake of a particular event the salons will not function, Great Clips will intimate the customers about it on their official website.

About the Great Clips Salons

The Great Clips was founded in the year 1982. Initially, their no-frills and reasonably priced haircuts made their services very popular with the customers. Soon, Great Clips was successful in opening three new branches in just three months. Since then, there has been no looking back for the Great Clips salon. The appreciable services of Great Clips include daily care and various hairstyling products for everyone. At the same time, the company offers hair care products and hair accessories that include detanglers, gels, conditioners, hair sprays, shampoos, mousses and foams and hair straightening services.

Later on, Great clips have also come up with texturizers, speciality products, hair treatments of various natures, thermal products to protect hair and even body care products. In all these years, the customers have thoroughly appreciated all these products and services. So, when you are in the US or Canada and looking to get a hair makeover, you know where you should be.

Currently, the Great Clips Franchises has more than 40,000 hair stylists. They continually receive pieces of training to enhance their skills further. The Great Clips corporate office along with the team of franchises and support staff is always ready to serve their customers with warm hospitality.

Despite getting such an overwhelming success, Great Clips has been continuously focusing on various programs to give something back to the society. For this reason, Great Clips has been initiating multiple charitable works. One such event was flagged off in the year 1997. The event is a golf game. Precisely, this is an annual charity Golf Classic for the sake of benefiting children’s hospitals and clinics of Minnesota. The Great Clips salons across US and Canada raise money for a Children’s hospital by promoting the event as Miracle Balloon Campaign. Lastly, in the year 2014, Great Clips launched a novel initiative, Clips of Kindness. Cancer patients undergoing treatments receive free clipper cuts under this program. Some of the other charitable programs of Great Clips include cut it out, online giving, operation second chance; thank a veteran, and wigs for kids.

Great Clips Contact or Support Details

You may have a specific question about the services on offer by Great Clips. Also, you might want to verify the business hours depending on your location. There are several ways to get in touch with , and they are as follows:

  • Phone: The Toll-free US and Canada phone numbers are 1-800-473-2825 and 1-952-893-9088 respectively. You also have the option to contact the local customer service department during the regular business hours. Typically, the customer service department of the salons is operational from 8AM-5PM CST.
  • Email: You can also send an e-mail to the customer service department. There is also the option of using the social media pages of the Great Clips salon, and we will tell you about them in a while. They usually reply within an hour. In case, you are looking for an interactive session with the representative of the salon, you can expect to wait for at least two days.
  • Mail: Though the mail is now rarely used, Great Clips has kept this option open. You can directly send a letter to the official address of Great Clips. Alternatively, using the great clips near me tool, you can connect with your local customer service department. You can expect a reply within five business days.
  • Social Media:  Perhaps this is the ideal way to get in touch with the customer service department of the Great Clips salon. You are welcome to post your comments, experiences, grievances or anything else on their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest pages. As mentioned before, you can expect a prompt reply when you use these platforms.

Great Clips Address

If for some reason, you are willing to contact the headquarters of Great Clips, you can contact them personally at the following address:

7700 France Avenue South, Suite 425, Minneapolis, MN, 55435

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